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Orusorru, a nick name for biriyani is an ancient delight cooked to perfection the traditional way, with the fragrant seeraga samba rice and a unique ‘muttai kola’

Mutton Dosai

a mouth-watering dosa with egg and a topping of tender chunks of fried mutton in a mildly spiced gravy

Maharaja Meals

meals fit for people with the appetite of an emperor. come dine like one!

Veechu Parotta

acquires its name from veesu (a throw); relish mutton / chicken / egg / egg masala / veg varieties


Choose from 14 varities of idiappams, 38 curries, 14 omlettes, 15 meals, 26 fries, 27 dosais, 44 parottas and 20 different dinner combos.
and orusorru, as always