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Orusorru, a nick name for biriyani is an ancient delight cooked with the same zeal by our Master Chefs, who deftly use cooking implements that date back to the bygone era, to keep the magic alive!
The most popular story of biriyani (and there are many floating around) traces it to Birian brought from Persia to India by Taimur the Lame. This was later married to the Indian pulav to become today's biriyani.

Authentic taste of biriyani presented in a way royals would enjoy it. The choicest of meat from well bred lambs of Madurai and the fragrant seeraga samba rice. Biriyani is 'Dum' cooked (cooked in its own juices) on firewood to give this unique style of steam cooking a distinctive taste. The dishes are cooked in traditional handis, sealed to trap the steam. It is then placed over glowing coal fires to simmer in its own juices until tender and delicious. The resultant richness of flavours and taste is incomparable and memorable. The accompanying dishes add to the richness and give different twists to the meal.

While a trip to Madurai would be the best way to get a taste of the traditional cuisine of Tamilnadu, Orusorru, restaurant located in Nungambakkam, Chennai is the destination for 'Authentic Madurai Biriyani and more!'.

Orusorru was started in August 2006 with a vision of making the restaurant a destination for great and unique Madurai food. The diverse menu offers biriyani, a full line of meals, exquisite dosai's and out of the world parotta's.